December 1, 2021


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10 Ways To Save On Your Taxes Before The End Of The Year

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Nobody likes paying taxes, and there are easy ways you can lower your tax bill before the end of the year! Learn more here:

0:00 – How to save on taxes
0:46 – Max out your 401k contribution
1:35 – Max out your Traditional IRA
1:59 – Max out your SEP IRA or Solo 401k
2:21 – Max out your HSA
3:06 – Contribute to a 529 college savings plan
3:52 – Make energy efficient home improvements
4:26 – Maximize work related expenses
5:14 – Donate to your charity
5:48 – Sell your loser stocks
6:11 – Wait to rebalance your portfolio
6:36 – How to be strategic with your tax savings

Here’s what we’re talking about

▶︎ Strategies to save on taxes

▶︎ Different accounts you can use to pay yourself instead of the IRS

▶︎ How to accurately claim expenses

▶︎ Last-minute tax moves

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💵 401k Contribution Limits:

💵 H&R Block:

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