May 17, 2022


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13 Best Quicken Alternatives To Manage Your Money In 2021

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Quicken used to be the most popular money management app, but today there are a lot of popular choices (both free and paid). Learn more here:

Here’s what we’re talking about in this video:

1. Kubera: best for tracking investments and cryptocurrency together.

2. Personal Capital: solid investment tracking with a hint of budgeting.

3. Mint: solid budgeting for free.

4. YNAB: robust zeo-based budgeting system and software.

5. EveryDollar: zero-based budgeting from Dave Ramsey.

6. NewRetirement: robust investing and retirement planning.

7. Tiller Money: spreadsheet-based budgeting and investment tracking.

8. Clarity Money: budgeting with banking built in.

9. PocketSmith: premium budgeting built around AI forecasting.

10. MoneyDance: solid Mac alternative to Quicken.

11. Emma: simple app-based budgeting.

12. Banktivity: another robust Mac-based option.

13. Simplifi: Quicken’s latest app to compete with other budgeting apps.

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