May 16, 2022


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AcreTrader Review | Easily Invest In Farmland

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AcreTrader is a platform that allows you to start investing in farmland (which is one of the most popular investments of billionaires). Check out AcreTrader here:

Read our full AcreTrader review here:

0:00 – AcreTrader Overview
0:51 – What is AcreTrader
1:30 – How do you make money with farmland and AcreTrader
3:04 – AcreTrader Fees
3:23 – How does AcreTrader compare to other companies like FarmTogether or Fundrise?
4:15 – How to open an account
4:50 – Real AcreTrader deal snapshot
6:51 – Is AcreTrader Worth It?

Here’s what we’re talking about in this video:

▶︎ What is AcreTrader?

▶︎ How do investments with AcreTrader (or farmland in general) work?

▶︎ AcreTrader Fees

▶︎ How does AcreTrader compare with other farmland real estate companies?

▶︎ Is AcreTrader Worth It?

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? AcreTrader:

? FarmTogether:

? Fundrise:

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