July 6, 2022


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Bennington Works 2022: Admitted Students Day

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Source: Bennington College

  • (Ep. 188) Answering Your Sweet v. Cardona Questions, Waiver Updates and More!
    Washington may be headed into summer vacation doldrums, but for student loan borrowers now – more than ever – is a time to stay alert and informed! I’ll start with a deep dive into a proposed settlement in the Borrower Defense to Repayment lawsuit (known as Sweet v. Cordona), outlining the origins […]
  • 8 Earnin Cash Advance App Alternatives For 2022
    Earnin is a popular cash advance app, but it’s not the only one! Here are some popular Earnin alternatives. Open an account at Earnin here: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/go/earnin/ytGl5hHTGXiX0 Our top pick – Empower: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/go/Empower/ytGl5hHTGXiX0 Read the […]
  • Meet Doug Pierce| NISOD Excellence Award Winner
    “I’m blessed to be able to teach young people something that I really enjoy talking about, whether it be in the classroom or out in the pastures. If I can make my students excited about what they’re learning and curious about how to make what they’re learning better, we’re going […]
  • UChicago 2022-2023 Admissions Essays
    The University of Chicago has long been renowned for our provocative essay questions. We think of them as an opportunity for students to tell us about themselves, their tastes, and their ambitions. They can be approached with utter seriousness, complete fancy, or something in between. Each year we […]
  • Gordon College Baccalaureate 2022
    Source: Gordon College […]
  • What makes Gordon’s Music Department Unique?
    Learn more about Gordon’s music program https://www.gordon.edu/music Source: Gordon College […]
  • (Ep. 187) Answering Your Ques: IDR Waivers, Disability Insurance & Reducing Student Loan Repayments
    Join me in this episode where I answer many of your most popular questions about Income-Driven Repayment waivers, grace periods, reducing your loan repayment amounts, disability and term life insurance, our NEW Student Loan Planner Insurance, and so much more! It’s an info-packed episode you won’t […]
  • Meet Jonnathon Hicks | NISOD Excellence Award Winner
    “In line with the philosophy of the great Frederick Douglass, I believe that education is the key to freedom. This is particularly true in civics education as I encourage my students to engage with their institutions efficiently and effectively. These students want to change the world, and I simply […]
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Bennington College
    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Bennington College Visit http://www.bennington.edu for more information! #bennington #college #vermont #diversity #equity #inclusion Source: Bennington College […]
  • 4 Big Student Loan Developments in Summer 2022
    This summer could be shaping up to be a blockbuster period for student loan borrowers. Here are some key developments to watch for in the coming months. Read more here: https://www.studentloanplanner.com/student-loan-developments-to-watch/ Feeling helpless when it comes to your student loans? 📩 […]
  • Meet Leslie Janac | NISOD Excellence Award Winner
    "I am not here to teach my students what to think. I am here to teach my students how to think." NISOD Excellence Award Winner, Leslie Janac, shares how she equips her students with the skills to succeed beyond her classroom. Janac has been an instructor since 1988 and joined Blinn’s […]
  • LIVE: 55th Annual Commencement | De Anza College
    #deanzagrad2022 Date: Friday, June 24 Starting Time: 6 p.m. Location: De Anza Stadium We’re planning a traditional graduation ceremony on campus, so we can celebrate together. Arrive a little early, so you can check out the Red Carpet Graduation Photo Op in Parking Lot C near the soccer […]
  • Wait! Wait! Wait! #shorts
    Source: The College Investor […]
  • Why Is Land So Expensive? #shorts
    Source: The College Investor […]
  • It’s Okay To Email Coaches As a Freshman
    Don’t write yourself off so fast. Coaches build their recruiting boards early and so it’s okay to email a coach early on in the process. Resources How to Email College Coaches – https://www.ncsasports.org/recruiting/contacting-college-coaches/email FOLLOW NCSA (Next College […]
  • What To Do AFTER You Email a College Coach
    What to do next depends on your grad year. If you’re a junior or senior, D1/D2 schools CAN respond to you. If you don’t hear back in a week, follow up, then try with a phone call a couple weeks later. If you’re an underclassmen, D1/D2 schools CAN’T respond back to you. You have similar follow up […]
  • So You’re Ready To Email a College Coach
    One of the most asked questions we get is how to email a college coach. Our recruiting experts break it all down. 1:01 Show Outline 2:39 Figuring out who to email 6:23 How to catch a coach’s attention 9:28 What to do AFTER you send your email 12:22 It’s okay to email coaches as a freshman Live […]
  • (Ep. 186) Updates on the Limited PSLF Waiver and the MOHELA Transfer
    Senior Student Loan Advisor Meagan Landress, CSLP®, and one of our newest Student Loan Advisors, Sim Terwilliger, CFP®, CSLP®, discuss a number of relevant topics to student loan borrowers today. Listen as they answer listener questions from the inbox, technicalities about loan repayment […]
  • Students Test Drone Pilot Skills at PCC
    Portland Community College drone pilot students put their skills into action at the Rock Creek Campus. This class focused on aerial photography and videography techniques. Instructor Ric Stephens has been teaching the non-credit continuing education classes “Drone Pilot Basics” and “Drone […]
  • Blinn College Board of Trustee – Adjournment – June 21, 2022
    The Blinn College District is proud to officially welcome the Vocational Nursing Class of 2022 into the nursing profession. Congratulations, graduates! For more information on Blinn’s nursing program, visit https://www.blinn.edu/vocational-nursing/index.html Source: Blinn College […]
  • Blinn College Board of Trustee – June 21, 2022
    The Blinn College District is proud to officially welcome the Vocational Nursing Class of 2022 into the nursing profession. Congratulations, graduates! For more information on Blinn’s nursing program, visit https://www.blinn.edu/vocational-nursing/index.html Source: Blinn College […]
  • 5 Updates to Expanded PSLF Program
    The Department of Education has provided updated information on who may qualify for student loan forgiveness through the Biden administration’s temporary expansion of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. Here’s the latest: […]
  • Ralph Groener Memorial
    Source: Clackamas Community College […]
  • Last call for 70 percent off financial planning course!
    Source: Student Loan Planner […]
  • 5 Financial Planning Tools that Will Speed Up Your Dreams in 2022
    Learn these tricks from financial planning, which will speed up your dreams dramatically. With a customized plan, financial obstacles will not need to hold you back from your ideal life: https://www.studentloanplanner.com/plan. Source: Student Loan Planner […]
  • Best Free Checking Accounts In June 2022
    We break down the best free checking accounts in June 2022: https://theci.co/best-free-checking-june-2022 Here you go: Best Overall: Discover Cashback Debit https://thecollegeinvestor.com/go/discoverchecking/yt50csR2YpBzQ Runner Up: Chime https://thecollegeinvestor.com/go/ChimeBank/yt50csR2YpBzQ […]
  • Vocational Nursing Pinning Ceremony – Class of 2022
    The Blinn College District is proud to officially welcome the Vocational Nursing Class of 2022 into the nursing profession. Congratulations, graduates! For more information on Blinn’s nursing program, visit https://www.blinn.edu/vocational-nursing/index.html Source: Blinn College […]
  • CANDID: “If I Could Have One Wish Come True”
    Source: De Anza College […]
  • Bennington College: Memories of the Barn
    On April 30, 2019, a fire destroyed the Southeast Wing of Bennington College’s historic campus building, the Barn. On May 26, 2022, after extensive renovations, it was reopened anew. In honor of this moment, we asked Bennington alumni to share their memories of this beloved space, which are […]
  • Retiree Recognition 2022
    PCC president Mark Mitsui congratulates the 2022 retirees. Source: Portland Community College […]
  • Blinn Esports | The Road to Glory Starts Here
    Whether you’re a competitor or a fan, Blinn esports has a spot for you. Check out the links below for more information. 🔗 LEARN MORE 🔗 Website ➡ https://www.buccaneersports.com/sports/esports 🎮 REGISTER FOR TRYOUTS 🎮 Discord ➡ https://discord.gg/GbvCCT8fkd 💬 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA 💬 […]
  • (Ep. 185) Five Tools You Need to Create a Winning Financial Plan
    I’m offering a sneak peek into “Dreams Not Debt,” our brand-new ultimate guide to creating your very own financial plan. Listen in as I break down the five key crucial elements to keep in mind when putting together your plan (cashflow, taxes, insurance and asset protection, life milestone planning […]
  • 2022 Clackamas Community College Graduation photos
    It rained at graduation. It rained joyful graduates. It rained proud families and friends. It rained hugs. And it rained smiles – lots and lots of smiles. Congrats to our Class of 2022! Go, Cougars! Source: Clackamas Community College […]
  • 2022 Graduation Musical Performance | “Nothin’ Is Gonna Stop Me”
    To learn more about CCC’s Choir and Music Department, visit https://www.clackamas.edu/music. Each year, the CCC choir performs a song for graduation. This year they sang “Nothin’ Is Gonna Stop Me” by PinkZebra, which was directed by Dr. Kathleen Hollingsworth. The inspirational song is meant to […]
  • Bennington College’s 87th Commencement Highlights
    Highlights from Bennington College’s 87th Commencement, featuring remarks by Jericho Brown to the Class of 2022. Visit http://www.bennington.edu for more information! #commencement #graduation #bennington #vermont #college #poem Source: Bennington College […]
  • These Bears Mean Business
    Source: Ursinus College […]
  • EvCC Commencement 2022
    EvCC’s graduation ceremony livestream. Source: Everett Community College […]
  • Nursing Program Class of 2022 Pinning Ceremony
    Learn more about CCC’s nursing program at https://www.clackamas.edu/health-professions Celebrate the Nursing Class of 2022 on their journey into the field of nursing. The symbolic pinning ceremony is unique to the nursing community — celebrating the students’ hard work not only in their coursework […]
  • ASG President Josiah Smith’s 2022 Graduation Speech
    To learn more about the Associated Student Government (ASG) visit https://www.clackamas.edu/asg ASG President Josiah Smith congratulates fellow CCC students for all the accomplishments they’ve made during trying times. He reminds the Class of 2022 that they’ll always be part of the CCC family and […]
  • Anti-war action at Bennington College
    On March 10, in an event organized by Elena Demyanenko, Bennington students, faculty, and staff laid down together on the ground in solidarity with Ukraine. “Human bodies in stillness on the ground is the image of casualties of war,” said Elena. "We are heartbroken by the destruction of lives, […]
  • Mechatronics | Start Your Career Here
    Offered on the Blinn College-Brenham Campus and new for fall 2022, the two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Mechatronics will offer the most comprehensive mechatronics program in the state, preparing students for academic transfer to a bachelor’s degree program or for immediate […]
  • UChicago Veteran Scholars
    UChicago Veterans talk about their experience the University of Chicago Source: UChicago College Admissions […]
  • What Happens If You Have A Bad Camp?
    Having a bad performance in sport is inevitable. Our recruiting experts talk through how you can handle those situations ahead of time and communicate those less than ideal performances to a college coach. RESOURCES Your Guide to College Camps, Showcases and Other Recruiting Events – […]
  • 3 Things About Camps You Didn’t Even Think About
    Sports camps, combines, tournaments and showcases offer you the opportunity to develop your skillset, gain exposure to college coaches and sometimes explore a school’s campus. Visit the events page for your sport for more advice on which specific events to attend! https://www.ncsasports.org/events […]
  • (Ep. 184) The Lies You’re Told About Financial Planning
    Society tells us that we can only retire in our 60s. If that’s your plan, I think it’s great! But you need to know there are more options available than you have ever dreamed possible, and it all comes down to having the right financial planning strategy in place. Of course, that’s easier said than […]
  • AAPI Heritage Month: Who Invented The Fender Stratocaster Guitar? | De Anza College
    #deanzacollege #aapi #shorts Source: De Anza College […]
  • AAPI Heritage Month: Who Created Ms. Marvel? | De Anza College
    #deanzacollege #aapi #shorts Source: De Anza College […]
  • Stanford: College Acceptance Reaction | De Anza College
    #deanzacollege #stanford Source: De Anza College […]
  • CANDID: “Loves Comes in So Many Different Forms”
    Source: De Anza College […]
  • Bennington College
    Visit https://www.bennington.edu/about for more information! Source: Bennington College […]
  • Everett Community College – Rosemary Carrizales
    Everett Community College’s second-shift aviation maintenance classes were the perfect fit for Rosemary Carrizales. The program allows her to work full-time during the day and take classes at night. "I didn’t have to change my life around to go to school," she says. "I […]
  • Outstanding Student Awards 2022 Jeanine
    To learn more about CCC, visit https://www.clackamas.edu/ Outstanding student Jeanine Westergaard has not let anything stand in the way of her education, not even a pandemic. Jeanine has PTSD from a childhood trauma and has learned to break old patterns and find new ways to learn. As an essential […]
  • CCC Outstanding Student Rikki
    To learn more about CCC, visit https://www.clackamas.edu/ Outstanding student Rikki Blodgett is graduating with her GED from Clackamas Community College. Inspired by watching her friend obtain her GED, Rikki decided to make her own education a priority. Rikki has overcome addiction, dropping out of […]
  • Why Choose Blinn-Bryan?
    Located just minutes from Texas A&M University, the Blinn College-Bryan Campus offers a personalized education with all the benefits of a large college town. This commuter campus features an unbeatable combination of quality education and convenience, as more than 6,000 students help create a […]
  • Are Parent Plus Borrowers Eligible for the PSLF Waiver?
    The Department of Education has provided updated information on who may qualify for student loan forgiveness through the Biden administration’s temporary expansion of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. Under the original PSLF rules, Parent PLUS Loans do not qualify. But Direct […]
  • Where Did You Get All That Debt From? #shorts
    Source: The College Investor […]
  • Copper Review 2022 – Checking For Teens
    Copper is a suite of banking tools and accounts built for teens. Check out Copper here: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/go/copper/yt03wV9TpJ5Qk Read out full Copper review here: https://theci.co/copper-review Chapters 0:00 – Intro to Copper Review 0:55 – Who is Copper? 1:33 – What […]
  • Tips For Attending Mega Camps
    Like most parts of the recruiting process, the more you can be proactive before the camp the better. Be sure and reach out to coaches ahead of time to let them know you’ll be at the camp. Find a recruiting event near you. https://www.ncsasports.org/events How to Contact College Coaches […]
  • Question & Answer Sessions on all things recruitings
    Our recruiting experts answer your questions live about the college recruiting process. 1:51 Advice for camps season 4:43 Is there a difference in memberships for a track and field profile? 7:55 Are volleyball coaches able to talk face to face with you at the upcoming AAU Nationals June 19-22? […]
  • How to Create Inspiring Goals that Empower You to Pay Off Your Student Loans
    Too often, we set goals and we never reach them. Why is that? It’s most likely because our goals aren’t inspiring enough! If your goals haven’t inspired you enough to pour your heart and soul into reaching them, let’s fix that. Join us, Rob Bertman, CFA, CFP®, and Lauryn Williams, CFP®, CSLP®, as […]
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