October 4, 2022


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Client Review of Working With Me On A Student Loan Settlement

8 min read

Courtney had been struggling with her private student loans for years. She tried to handle it herself but didn’t get anywhere.

She spoke with another attorney, but his communication sucked and she didn’t feel good about his process.

Then she found me. We spoke. I explained the student loan settlement process to her. I explained to her what to expect. And then gave her time to think it over.

She hired me.

A short while later, I settled her $187 thousand in private student loans for $50 thousand.

Here’s what she had to say about working with me.

? Work with me: http://tateesq.com/free-talk
? About student loan settlements: https://www.tateesq.com/settlement-student-loans

Source: #1 Student Loan Lawyer | Tate Law

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