December 1, 2021


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Cocktails and Student Loans | Live Replay | November

8 min read

In this Cocktails and Student Loans, I answered questions submitted from my newsletter readers about various happenings with student loans. During the session, I drank a delicious bourbon cocktail made by the awesome Shannon Mustipher. I also explained why I wouldn’t stress about repaying my federal student loan debt — especially if I was nearing retirement.

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01:22 – Understanding FFEL/FFELP Loans
09:30 – How to get rid of student loans for disability
11:30 – How to settle a Parent Plus Loan
18:00 – How do consumer rights organizations help with student loans
21:21 – Can I file student loan bankruptcy
27:26 – Prison and student loan debt
31:38 – Options to clear CAIVRS
36:15 – Will Biden forgive student loans
39:55 – When should I consolidate
42:24 – Do I qualify for loan forgiveness
44:00 – Should I be stressed about student loans
47:58 – Does interest capitalize in January
49:02 – Should I enroll in PSLF
54:10 – Will the interest before the freeze capitalize
55:04 – Did I earn credit towards forgiveness
56:01 – What loan forgiveness do I qualify for

Source: #1 Student Loan Lawyer | Tate Law

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