August 19, 2022


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College Recruiting FAQs [2021]

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Our recruiting experts break down some of the most common questions we get regarding recruiting.


0:35 Show Outline
1:56 How to prepare for calling college coaches?
4:48 What to expect from a phone call with a college coach?
7:58 Questions to expect from college coaches
13:38 How do I get more coaches to view my profile?
17:31 Be proactive in recruiting
Live Q&A
22:33 What do I do if I don’t have any video to share with coaches?
23:48 NCSA reviews
24:09 Should you email coaches and fill out questionnaires in your sophomore year even if coaches can’t respond until junior year?
25:41 Why do NCSA clients have to pay separately for multiple sports? Isn’t there a way to join together dual athletes?
27:03 Do smaller colleges require you apply to the school prior to the offer?
28:41 What age do you recommend we start a profile? 9th grade, or earlier, like 7th or 8th?
30:41 Ring the Bell #NCSACOMMIT


– Join the NCSA Network and create a free profile –
– Your Guide to Calling College Coaches –
– Your Guide to College Recruiting –
– Your Guide to How to Get Recruited –

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