October 2, 2022


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(Ep. 140) How to Invest (Even If You’ve Never Done It Before) | Student Loan Planner

9 min read

More important than what kind of student loan plan you have is knowing how to invest. Listen in as I talk to you about investing in this current economy amid red-hot inflation and a booming housing market. I’ll also explain that, while 2021 continues to hold a lot of opportunities, it’s also a dangerous time to be investing now that everyone is in the game. Plus, get a discount code for our Six-Figure Debt to Six-Figure Net Worth investing course.

Register for the course, which is $100 off until August 5, 2021: https://studentloanplannercourse.com/p/investing/?coupon_code=SUMMER2021

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

✅ Why investing is so important
✅ The definition of “harmonic mean” and why it matters in investing
✅ How to use tax-loss harvesting to boost your portfolio
✅ Risks to consider if you decide to invest today
✅ My thoughts on crypto in the current market
✅ All about SLP’s course, Six-Figure Debt to Six-Figure Net Worth, and how to take advantage of our limited-time discount

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