October 2, 2022


Its all about the school

Fighting Debt with Weapons from the Last War

8 min read

It doesn’t matter how good you are with the sword if you are up against an artillery of guns and other munitions. In the same way, you cannot approach your student loan debt the same way your 60-year-old uncle or your parents approached it. Here’s how to take advantage of the new weapons in the war on student loan debt.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

How WWI compares to student loan debt today How to make big money as a professional The argument against “suck it up and pay your student debt” The big jump in dental school tuition that’s 55x more than in 1978 Why big incomes aren’t worth the sacrifice Why educational leaders hike up graduate tuition How regulation could stabilize higher education When to know if you should refinance How the refinancing ladder works Where to find the best refinancing bonuses Why forgiveness is a great strategy for borrowers with high debt How much to save if you want to have a comfortable retirement The many strategies, or new weapons, to tackle student loans Full show notes at: http://studentloanplanner.com/107

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