May 16, 2022


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How College Coaches Recruit Student-Athletes

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In this video, our experts discuss the steps to the college recruiting process from a coach’s perspective. Learn more about how college athletic recruiting works.

0:47 Show Outline
1:20 When does the recruiting process begin?
4:49 What do college coaches look for when recruiting?
7:46 The 5 steps of the college recruiting process, from a coach’s perspective
8:01 Step 1: Gather a list of prospective athletes
10:15 Step 2: Send out recruiting letters, questionnaires and camp invites
12:06 Step 3: Conduct evaluations
15:48 Step 4: Extend verbal offers and scholarships
20:47 Step 5: Sign athletes
Live Q & A
23:12 Regarding the transfer portal, is every athlete on a one year deal? Do they have to do anything special to enter the portal? Are there drawbacks?
25:30 Multi-sport athlete here, my son plays baseball, football, and basketball but he’s occupied with other sports during the other seasons. In order to get him “seen”, does he need to focus just on baseball?
28:18 What age should student-athlete start reaching out to college coaches?
29:54 What do you do if you have a child who’s coach does not really do anything or the school does not get seen by colleges. How do you get recruited?
31:36 Twitter seems very important for these athletes trying to get their name out there to receive offers.
32:20 Is there a true benefit to going to an IMG specialty camp for exposure?
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NCSA is the largest and most successful college athletic recruiting network. With a network of over 35,000 college coaches, NCSA assists student-athletes in 34 sports to find their best path to college.

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