August 19, 2022


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How to Clear CAIVRS With Defaulted Student Loans to Get an FHA/VA Loan

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Every week someone contacts me because they’re about to lose a home they’re trying to buy due to a federal student loan that’s in default.

Over the years, they forgot all about the loan. It doesn’t appear on their credit report. No one is sending bills to them. The only reason they found out about the loan is because their lender ran their information through CAIVRS.

Now, they found out they have a defaulted federal student loan. And if they don’t clear it up in the next 3-4 weeks, they’ll lose their dream home.

Truthfully, this situation can be avoided if they check to see if the status of their federal student loans. Stop assuming that because a debt isn’t listed on your credit report, doesn’t mean you no longer owe that debt. That may be for some things, but it’s never true of federal student loans.

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Source: #1 Student Loan Lawyer | Tate Law

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