May 17, 2022


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How to Use Social Media in Your College Recruiting

13 min read

When it comes to athletes and social media use, what are the rules and best practices? Find out in this video where our recruiting experts provide tips for using social media in the college recruiting process.

0:30 Show outline
1:48 How athlete should use social media
5:21 Create a social media profile that will attract college coaches
8:32 Use social media to learn about a program
10:44 What are good things for athletes to post on social media?
13:44 NCAA rules on social media and honesty in posting
16:56 Using social media to create leverage for yourself
19:29 Ways athletes can interact with college coaches on social media
21:59 How your club or travel coach can help promote you on social media
Live Q & A
24:27 What if a player doesn’t use social media?
25:35 Is it ok to tag coaches as an underclassman?
26:23 Do offers expire?
29:01 Should recruits create an account on social media that focuses solely on their athletic and academic accomplishments and or highlights?
30:17 With social media, is is better to have multiple accounts? Should athletes be on multiple platforms to focus their energy into one platform? Quality vs quantity.
31:22 Our child is a senior so she has posted the offers and visits she received due to her recruiting being cut short last year due to Covid as a result of that she had received interests from competing schools in the same conference is that a good thing?
33:09 Summary

33:58 Ring the Bell #NCSACOMMIT


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