December 1, 2021


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How to Use the NCAA Recruiting Calendars

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The NCAA recruiting calendars outline when (and how) NCAA DI and DII college coaches can proactively start recruiting athletes. Our experts discuss key terms and how to best use the calendars in your process.

It’s important to know the different periods in the NCAA Recruiting Calendar to understand how you should be getting recruited at that point during the year, as well as the kind of communication you can expect to receive from a coach.

1:11 Show outline
1:59 What are the NCAA recruiting calendars?
(Key terms in the NCAA recruiting calendars)
4:44 Evaluation period
5:37 Contact period
7:10 Dead period
8:17 Quiet period
9:53 How to use the NCAA Recruiting Calendars
11:29 Summary
Live Q&A
17:10 We heard college coaches only watch varsity film, is this true?
18:57 Are you notified of coach interest, how do you know your athlete is being recruited?
19:58 Any advice for a young athlete starting the recruiting process?
21:12 As an international tennis athlete in the class of 2022, are we too late to the process?
22:19 How do coaches decide where they will visit in person?
24:35 Any advice for an upcoming D1 track and field official visit?
26:02 How common is it for coaches to reach out to recruits before the start of freshman year?
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For specific dates, find your sport-specific calendar:

Use the recruiting calendar alongside the NCAA Recruiting Rules:

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