January 24, 2022


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NCAA Recruiting Rules and Key Terms

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1:04 Show Outline
1:47 What are the NCAA Recruiting Rules and Calendar?
Understanding each recruiting period
4:10 Dead Period
6:04 Quiet Period
7:55 Evaluation Period
9:03 Contact Period
11:25 When can college coaches contact you?
12:33 Important dates to know
13:55 Show recap
Live Q & A
As a 2023 volleyball player, after 2/17, am I allowed to talk to coaches at tournaments or do I have to wait for coaches to make the first move?
20:19 I’m a verbally committed 2022 to a D3 school, what should I expect next?
22:00 My son is a freshman baseball player, what can he do now as far as college coaches paying attention to him?
23:32 As a sophomore golfer from a small school, do I need to build a recruiting profile? What are your best tips?
24:58 What is the best way to contact coaches if I’m not from the US? How can I get them to notice me? I play soccer
26:58 Ring the Bell #NCSACOMMIT

Source: NCSA Next College Student Athlete

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