October 2, 2022


Its all about the school

Student Loan Repayment, Student Debt Cancelation and Justin Sloan, CFA, CFP, from Buckingham…

8 min read

Lots of topics to cover in this episode – I answer reader questions about student loan repayment and the best strategies for dental specialists.

We also dive into what I think about the chance of Biden forgiving student loan debt and what that could mean for your taxes, and we have an interview with Justin Sloan, CFA, CFP, about asset allocation and the best way to save for retirement.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

Why dental specialists have higher student loan debt than other borrowers How to handle student loan repayment during residency What to do if you didn’t file a tax return because you had $0 income How to make a $0 monthly payment on your student loans during residency Whether REPAYE or PAYE makes more sense for repayment What to do about accrued interest on your student loans When paying extra on your student loans is like throwing money away Why it doesn’t make sense to pay extra toward accrued interest Will Biden cancel some student loan debt Can student debt cancellation be done legislatively What happens if Biden issues an executive order canceling student loan debt Why canceled student loan debt could cost you more money How to best save for retirement The importance of asset allocation and diversifying your savings vehicles Why your 401k isn’t enough How to get financial flexibility when preparing for retirement

Full show notes at: http://studentloanplanner.com/106

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