August 17, 2022


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Understanding the Different Types of College Offers

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Learn about the different types of college offers student athletes typically receive.

1:02 Show outline
1:24 What are the different types of college offers?
2:41 A full-ride athletic scholarship
3:16 A partial athletic scholarship
4:23 A walk-on offer
7:09 Do coaches give athletes a deadline to accept college offers?
10:14 Athletes need to ask questions about the scholarship
11:54 Actions to take Before accepting a potential athletic scholarship offer
15:05 How athletes can negotiate their athletic scholarship offers
18:00 Scholarship amounts can change year to year
20:20 Summary
Live Q & A
21:30 If you are getting academic money and going to the school to wrestle are you considered a walk on
22:32 Is it bad to ask a coach if an injury will result in loss of the scholarship
23:50 What if our coaches do nothing to get anyone recruited?
25:28 If a coach has “X” scholarships, is that “X” times the cost of going to college? Does a college that costs more have more money to give out?
27:31 Is it ok for a parent to call and ask the coach questions?
30:53 My grandson wants to play collage football he is very good how does he go about getting in. We live in a small town
32:21 If offered a scholarship in a “dollar” amount, is it ok to counter with a “percentage” amount so that if the tuition changes, the amount is in my favor?
34:36 Ring the Bell #NCSACOMMIT


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