August 19, 2022


Its all about the school

What are your recruiting resolutions?

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We’ll talk through some resolutions for recruits to consider as they start the new year with the hope of being recruited to a college team.

1:23 What are your recruiting resolution?
2:03 Start your recruiting, have an online presence
2:23 Winter Recruiting Checklist Here
3:41 Upperclassmen action steps
4:22 Advice for the class of 2021
4:49 Advice for the class of 2022
5:34 What is the best way to get film?
8:16 Be proactive and reach out to coaches
8:43 Build your target list of schools
11:26 How do you get exposure in the wake of COVID?
13:00 Any advice for a swimmer who hasn’t had a season for almost a year?
14:54 When is the ideal year to start the recruiting process?
16:42 If I have D1 interest and recruiting is slowed down should I move forward with D2 and D3 schools or should I wait for the spring for things to open up?
19:50 Any advice for recruits since most D1 schools now will have funds tied up in players granted an extra year of eligibility?
22:16 If a college coach “follows” you, what type of follow up should I have with a coach?
23:46 How long should my highlight video be?
24:29 Do all colleges have questionnaires to fill out?
25:38 Is it important for a student-athlete to have community service on their application to a college?
26:26 Do D1 coach only give offers in-person for juniors or can it be done over the phone?
28:00 Ring the Bell #NCSA Commit

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Create a skills video –
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