August 17, 2022


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What President Biden Might Do to Student Loans

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Each state is working to certify the official election results, but we have an apparent winner in President-Elect Joe Biden. Given the history of Obama-Biden student loan policies, it’s likely that we’ll see some progressive changes that could affect the future of student loans.

Here are seven things that a Biden administration may try to achieve, and my thoughts on how that could affect the treatment of student loan debt going forward.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

What a Biden administration could mean for the future student loans Why Biden might make applying for bankruptcy for student loans easier, and why it doesn’t matter What forgiveness might look like under Biden’s plan for borrowers What a compromised forgiveness expansion might look like Why reducing IDR payments could be bad for everybody How the REPAYE program was born and what that could mean for student loan reform How increasing Pell Grants could be a big win for working class or lower-income families Why eliminating the tax bomb likely won’t happen in the next 4 years How making college free would cause the cost of tuition to skyrocket Why I think Biden’s team grossly underestimated the cost of their student loan plan Will Trump extend the student loan interest and payment freeze When you should refinance your federal loans Whether you should refinance even if your interest is 0%

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