August 17, 2022


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Winter Recruiting Checklist

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Recruiting checklists help you stay on track with the college athletic recruiting process during the winter months. Here’s what to do for each grade level. Get downloadable checklists for each grade level here:

0:51 Show Outline
1:39 Winter recruiting checklist for Freshmen
3:45 Winter recruiting checklist for Sophomore
6:33 Winter recruiting checklist for Juniors
10:44 Winter recruiting checklist for Seniors
13:05 For seniors, it’s not too late to get recruited
15:37 Recruiting resolutions
Live Q & A
19:14 What about seniors who still want to be recruited? What do we have to do now?
20:06 Do you have any suggestions for a senior who has been accepted to a college on academics and is looking to pursue a spot on an athletic roster and has not yet been recruited?
22:33 If I make an edit to my profile (new video, updated transcript…) do any of my coach ‘followers’ get a notification on my update(s)?
23:32 What is the best practice of narrowing down target and safety schools?
25:44 I have twins who are Juniors. What do I need to do to get started helping them get looked at? They go to a small high school?
28:13 Ring the Bell #NCSACOMMIT

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